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MEN - A new standard in gay porn
Ever since Suite 703 showed me what was possible with a good director and super hot models I have been looking for equivalent content and with Men's stable of sites I have finally found it. First of all we have The Gay Office which, as you would expect features undeniably hot business men getting busy at the office. Next up is Drill My Hole which tells the story of aggressive tops seducing and roughly fucking their hand picked sexual partners. At Straight to Gay we join gay men as they work their magic on curious straight men and the final site is Big Dicks At School, where college jocks get taught a lesson in sex by their hung and horny teachers.
Gay Porn Stars
Chad Brock
Performer Name - Chad Brock
Rating - 1,464 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Chad Brock
Austin Dallas
Performer Name - Austin Dallas
Rating - 1,117 votes
The Rock
Performer Name - The Rock
Rating - 1,637 votes
Free Videos - Videos of The Rock
Adam Russo
Performer Name - Adam Russo
Rating - 1,762 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Adam Russo
Richie Sabatini
Performer Name - Richie Sabatini
Rating - 1,262 votes
Nikko Reeves
Performer Name - Nikko Reeves
Rating - 1,337 votes
Justin Ryder
Performer Name - Justin Ryder
Rating - 1,625 votes
Rick Bauer
Performer Name - Rick Bauer
Rating - 1,486 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Rick Bauer
Noah River
Performer Name - Noah River
Rating - 2,635 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Noah River
Kyle Quinn
Performer Name - Kyle Quinn
Rating - 1,120 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Kyle Quinn
Richard Pierce
Performer Name - Richard Pierce
Rating - 1,845 votes
Marcus Troy
Performer Name - Marcus Troy
Rating - 1,067 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Marcus Troy
Jayden Grey
Performer Name - Jayden Grey
Rating - 1,369 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Jayden Grey
Bo Dean
Performer Name - Bo Dean
Rating - 10,408 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Bo Dean
Doug Jeffries
Performer Name - Doug Jeffries
Rating - 1,406 votes
Trojan Rock
Performer Name - Trojan Rock
Rating - 1,388 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Trojan Rock
Parker Brookes
Performer Name - Parker Brookes
Rating - 2,187 votes
Brocky Brown
Performer Name - Brocky Brown
Rating - 1,370 votes
Wolfie Blue
Performer Name - Wolfie Blue
Rating - 1,870 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Wolfie Blue
Rob Romoni
Performer Name - Rob Romoni
Rating - 1,089 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Rob Romoni
Cameron Kincade
Performer Name - Cameron Kincade
Rating - 1,456 votes
Steven Ponce
Performer Name - Steven Ponce
Rating - 895 votes
Seth Jenkins
Performer Name - Seth Jenkins
Rating - 1,461 votes
Ryan Raz
Performer Name - Ryan Raz
Rating - 1,325 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Ryan Raz
Michael Dora
Performer Name - Michael Dora
Rating - 990 votes
David West
Performer Name - David West
Rating - 1,192 votes
Free Videos - Videos of David West
Vance Winter
Performer Name - Vance Winter
Rating - 1,677 votes
Parker London
Performer Name - Parker London
Rating - 1,888 votes
Sean Duran
Performer Name - Sean Duran
Rating - 739 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Sean Duran
Lucky Daniels
Performer Name - Lucky Daniels
Rating - 1,649 votes
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