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MEN - A new standard in gay porn
Ever since Suite 703 showed me what was possible with a good director and super hot models I have been looking for equivalent content and with Men's stable of sites I have finally found it. First of all we have The Gay Office which, as you would expect features undeniably hot business men getting busy at the office. Next up is Drill My Hole which tells the story of aggressive tops seducing and roughly fucking their hand picked sexual partners. At Straight to Gay we join gay men as they work their magic on curious straight men and the final site is Big Dicks At School, where college jocks get taught a lesson in sex by their hung and horny teachers.
Gay Porn Stars
Micah Jones
Performer Name - Micah Jones
Rating - 1,060 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Micah Jones
Dante Escobar
Performer Name - Dante Escobar
Rating - 1,126 votes
Steve Cruz
Performer Name - Steve Cruz
Rating - 1,863 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Steve Cruz
Fernando Nielsen
Performer Name - Fernando Nielsen
Rating - 2,010 votes
AJ Irons
Performer Name - AJ Irons
Rating - 1,527 votes
Free Videos - Videos of AJ Irons
Chasen Hart
Performer Name - Chasen Hart
Rating - 1,269 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Chasen Hart
Mark Hammer
Performer Name - Mark Hammer
Rating - 1,214 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Mark Hammer
Brody Wilder
Performer Name - Brody Wilder
Rating - 1,628 votes
Jeremy Lange
Performer Name - Jeremy Lange
Rating - 1,024 votes
Logan Vaughn
Performer Name - Logan Vaughn
Rating - 912 votes
Brian Banks
Performer Name - Brian Banks
Rating - 1,299 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Brian Banks
Drake Jayden
Performer Name - Drake Jayden
Rating - 1,273 votes
Branden Kent
Performer Name - Branden Kent
Rating - 2,205 votes
Joey Hard
Performer Name - Joey Hard
Rating - 978 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Joey Hard
Parker Perry
Performer Name - Parker Perry
Rating - 1,607 votes
Braxton Bond
Performer Name - Braxton Bond
Rating - 1,149 votes
Vance Winter
Performer Name - Vance Winter
Rating - 1,595 votes
Ty Roderick
Performer Name - Ty Roderick
Rating - 4,222 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Ty Roderick
Harley Everett
Performer Name - Harley Everett
Rating - 2,538 votes
Brenden Cage
Performer Name - Brenden Cage
Rating - 1,522 votes
Nate Kennedy
Performer Name - Nate Kennedy
Rating - 1,400 votes
Zack Alexander
Performer Name - Zack Alexander
Rating - 1,648 votes
Brant Moore
Performer Name - Brant Moore
Rating - 1,067 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Brant Moore
Sean Preston
Performer Name - Sean Preston
Rating - 1,115 votes
Adam Herst
Performer Name - Adam Herst
Rating - 944 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Adam Herst
Aryx Quinn
Performer Name - Aryx Quinn
Rating - 1,125 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Aryx Quinn
Vinny Castillo
Performer Name - Vinny Castillo
Rating - 1,104 votes
Marko Lebeau
Performer Name - Marko Lebeau
Rating - 1,677 votes
Justin Jameson
Performer Name - Justin Jameson
Rating - 1,190 votes
Lucas Nichols
Performer Name - Lucas Nichols
Rating - 1,415 votes
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