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MEN - A new standard in gay porn
Ever since Suite 703 showed me what was possible with a good director and super hot models I have been looking for equivalent content and with Men's stable of sites I have finally found it. First of all we have The Gay Office which, as you would expect features undeniably hot business men getting busy at the office. Next up is Drill My Hole which tells the story of aggressive tops seducing and roughly fucking their hand picked sexual partners. At Straight to Gay we join gay men as they work their magic on curious straight men and the final site is Big Dicks At School, where college jocks get taught a lesson in sex by their hung and horny teachers.
Gay Porn Stars
Alexander Greene
Performer Name - Alexander Greene
Rating - 1,451 votes
Marius Mugler
Performer Name - Marius Mugler
Rating - 967 votes
Mark Summers
Performer Name - Mark Summers
Rating - 960 votes
Martin Mazza
Performer Name - Martin Mazza
Rating - 1,088 votes
Danny Star
Performer Name - Danny Star
Rating - 1,821 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Danny Star
Jayden Grey
Performer Name - Jayden Grey
Rating - 1,283 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Jayden Grey
Tyler Andrews
Performer Name - Tyler Andrews
Rating - 770 votes
Kirk Cummings
Performer Name - Kirk Cummings
Rating - 1,075 votes
Landon Conrad
Performer Name - Landon Conrad
Rating - 1,208 votes
Eddie Diaz
Performer Name - Eddie Diaz
Rating - 1,676 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Eddie Diaz
Zack Alexander
Performer Name - Zack Alexander
Rating - 1,627 votes
Ben Brown
Performer Name - Ben Brown
Rating - 2,139 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Ben Brown
Parker Perry
Performer Name - Parker Perry
Rating - 1,583 votes
Max Schutler
Performer Name - Max Schutler
Rating - 1,511 votes
Francesco D'Macho
Performer Name - Francesco D'Macho
Rating - 2,563 votes
Andrew Stark
Performer Name - Andrew Stark
Rating - 2,172 votes
Brandon Lewis
Performer Name - Brandon Lewis
Rating - 1,558 votes
Jason Talon
Performer Name - Jason Talon
Rating - 1,169 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Jason Talon
Matthew Rush
Performer Name - Matthew Rush
Rating - 1,386 votes
Brandon Bangs
Performer Name - Brandon Bangs
Rating - 1,255 votes
Scottie Brooks
Performer Name - Scottie Brooks
Rating - 1,148 votes
Devon Hunter
Performer Name - Devon Hunter
Rating - 1,022 votes
Jorge Fusco
Performer Name - Jorge Fusco
Rating - 1,188 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Jorge Fusco
Adam Herst
Performer Name - Adam Herst
Rating - 921 votes
Free Videos - Videos of Adam Herst
Jeremy Bilding
Performer Name - Jeremy Bilding
Rating - 2,045 votes
Bruno Knight
Performer Name - Bruno Knight
Rating - 1,623 votes
David Chase
Performer Name - David Chase
Rating - 1,859 votes
Free Videos - Videos of David Chase
Lance Howard
Performer Name - Lance Howard
Rating - 1,042 votes
Finn Daniels
Performer Name - Finn Daniels
Rating - 1,283 votes
Samson Stone
Performer Name - Samson Stone
Rating - 1,204 votes
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